Stand-Up Paddle Board Rentals in Bastrop

On a Stand-Up Paddle Board you’re upright and use a paddle to propel your way through the water.  It is a fun and relaxing ride that gives you a nice vantage point as you take in the beautiful Colorado river or paddle across scenic Lake Bastrop.

Good to Know:

Life Jackets and paddles are included with all rentals and must be used at all times.

The minimum age requirement for paddling is 12; however, if you have a child under that age you can still plan a trip with us!  Families of all ages have a blast taking a canoe down the river with their little one.

We Recommend:

Paddle Board Leash, DryBags, Water Bottles, Snacks and Sunscreen. Of course, we understand that you might leave something at home, so we have the plenty of items on hand for you to rent or buy.

Stand-Up Paddle Board Rentals

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Available Paddling Spots: